Banana Force LTD MPL-01 Red Sharpshooter Teaser Gallery by TFP

Banana Force LTD is a new company. They have designers from places most of us probably know of, over 10 years experience designing Japanese styled robots and mecha, and even using well know factory to produce these bad boys.

Banana Force LTD was kind enough to send TFP a sample which is not finalized. At this stage in development the company is looking for suggestions, ideas, and improvements mainly. They also hope to scope what the general public thoughts are with this product as more are already in the works. We hope you enjoy this mini gallery while we finish our review.

Sample Mini Gallery / 迷你画廊样本 / サンプルミニギャラリー

In case you would like more information on product specifications right now and cannot wait for the full review please click below.

We would like to thank Banana Force LTD for giving us a chance to review their products on our site. Click the image below to visit their web site directly. Distributor information is also available.

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