Fans Hobby MB-12 Athena Updates & Pre-Orders Now Open!

As most of you know MB-12 Athena is fans Hobby rendition of Minerva (HeadMaster Jr). What we are seeing below is a test shot that has been digitally colored in some instances.

Specifications / 技术指标 / 仕様書

  • Model no.: MB-12
  • Name: ATHENA
  • Height: 170mm (robot mode-head to toe)
  • Main materials: ABS

Accessories / 配饰 / 付属品

Accessories: Blaster gun x 2, transformable junior driver x 1
Feature: High pose-ability, scale fits to MP collection
Target delivery: May 2020

Gallery / 画廊 / ギャラリー

We would like to thank Fans Hobby for giving us this opportunity to check out their pre-releases and productions samples. They have been a responsive company to our feedback that care about the fans and take pride in their work. Click the logo below to order directly or possibly save on some shipping by going through one of our sponsors depending on your location.

Here is also a direct link to Fans Hobby’s MB-12 Athena by clicking here.

Our sponsors also carry Fans Hobby Products and may be a better option to order depending on location. Click links below for more information.

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