FEXT Hobby SciFi-03 FEXT System Set Review & Breakdown

Sample / 样品 / サンプル

Please note that this review was based on production samples as this product is still in pre-order status. The final product may change.

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

FEXT Hobby wanted to create something different that all collectors could use. Something easy to work with with while adding on to whatever it is you do and so the idea of the FEXT System was born. Now a couple years later and with time to tweak and test their formulas they are expanding their current lineup and on fire. These sets turn heads instantly when approached. They are also capable of turning your normal display into something special. Whatever you do with it or however you build it is the beauty of it… It is up to you! These do fit inside IKEA Detolfs as a side note.

Packaging / 打包 / パッケージング

Package is just mainly a brown cardboard flat styled box with FEXT System Yellow logo and information for contact of course. Nothing too fancy here.

Contents / 内容 / 内容

  • W01 – 14 pcs (Walls)
  • W02 – 4 pcs (Wall Corner)
  • B01 – 22 pcs (Floors & 10 Transparent Ceiling Diffuse Panels)
  • C01 – 12 pcs (Wall Connector)
  • C04 – 6 pcs (Wall Gap Filler / Connector)
  • C05 – 4 pcs (Wall Gap Filler / Connector Corner)
  • C06 – 2 pcs (Wall Gap Filler / Connector)
  • C07 – 1 pc (P01 Connector)
  • P01 – 2 pcs (Pillar or Post)
  • S02 – 22 pcs (Transparent Connector)
  • S05 – 4 pcs (Multi-Platform Connector)
  • S06 – 8 pcs (Transparent Ceiling Connector)
  • S07 – 8 pcs (Floor Wall Connector)
  • S08 – 2 pcs (Floor Wall Corner Connector)
  • S09 – 2 pcs (Multi-Platform Corner Connector)
  • S10 – 2 pcs (Transparent Ceiling Corner Connector)
  • S11 – 6 pcs (Corner Wall Connectors)
  • Instruction Set

Above is what is included in each SciFi-03 set. The total part count is over 120 pieces. What is written in parentheses are just my suggestions as these sets have no rules and it really up to you as far as whatever you can create, you do not have to follow the instructions as the sets have only a few underlying mechanics as far as what the system restricts you from doing. The instructions are written very clearly with details on how to build two different setups. Several more are shown as images.

Gallery / 画廊 / ギャラリー

Single Set Configuration Options

Images above provided by FEXT Hobby on website.

Dual Set TFP Test Configurations

Please note that images shown above were created using two SciFi-03 sets and also additional Hangar part from OWL-ONE by Fans Hobby.

Video / 视频 / ビデオ

Thoughts / 思想 / 考え

Just to say upfront I have not really been able to find much that does not work with the FEXT System in general or even the SciFi-03 sets tested specifically. No matter scale it seems for the most part.

Now that I have personally got to try out and test the FEXT System SCIFI-03 sets for several weeks now and speaking from real world applications and experience I cannot express how helpful these have been with what I do. Rather I am setting up a display locally, shooting photos for fun, reviewing products for TFP, or just a nice display at the house this has more than done it’s job. It even works at retail locations for displays and product photos. If any of these things may apply to you I highly suggest looking into the FEXT System by FEXT Hobby.

These can be found at many of our sponsors and FEXT Hobby directly. They have many different styles of sets and we look forward to checking them all out. This is Tec and until next time…

TF-Prototype now proudly uses FEXT System Display Sets & Utility Stands.
The FEXT System was designed by FEXT Hobby, to learn more click a logo. Create Your own Space!

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