Iron Trans IR-V01 Star Blade (Hi-Res Update)

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

The latest color test shots were revealed last night on Iron Trans Weibo and they started making waves instantly among the collecting community. This is what we believe to be MP scaling. We cannot confirm much at this time but here is what we think we know.

Sidenote: Samples will be sent out next week and we think we will be able to check one out for all our readers.

Specifications / 技术指标 / 仕様書

  • 33 cm / 13 inches
  • 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs
  • High Alloy Content / Die-Cast

Gallery / 画廊 / ギャラリー

Thoughts / 思想 / 考え

This bravely fills a much needed void and with HasTak already taking a stab at the character I believe this to be a wise move as the Star Saber we have was pretty good and full of flaws and we loved it… It was Star Saber but now we have real options. Many wanted more, something better and we may have found it. Cannot wait to see this one honestly as I am a Star Saber Fan. This is Tec and until next time…

High Resolution Update

Iron Trans was kind enough to send over high resolution images of their current set. We will be able to check IR-V01 Star Blade out here in the next week or so.

Gallery / 画廊 / ギャラリー

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