Iron Trans IR-V01 Star Blade Instruction Samples

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

Iron Trans was kind enough to share these instruction samples form IR-V01 Star Blade with us. There is a sequence missing and this set will need to be altered so needlessly I say this is not the final product. There will be changes!

Quick notes on IR-V01 Star Blade sample – The skirt / waist may be a bit too tight right now and plans are already in the works. It seems to be causing stress marks and factory caught it right away. I am new to this company but this is a good sign to me of a company that cares. We are arranging delivery of the sample now. Until then let’s check out these instructions!

Sample / 样品 / サンプル

We like to thank Iron Trans for sharing these information and trying to work it out so TF-Prototype can receive samples to check out for our readers first hand.

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