Iron Trans IRV-01 Star Blade Sample

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

When I first seen images of IRV-01 floating around the internet I immediately made an effort to contact the manufacturer and asked to review this guy as my itch for a Star Saber was scratched a few years back but it never quite checked all the boxes I was looking for. While MP-24 was an exceptional release at the time I have to admit I like the sizing / scaling of IRV-01 better. Some parts were enlarged while others were shrunk. Many changes were made but the most amazing thing about IR-V01 is the die-cast exo frame of the big robot mode. It is very much like a metal build feel or even recent companies such as Banana Force LTD and Flame Toys (not the model line). Even the cradle the red jet sits in to combine is totally die-cast. Everything extends and this guy is solid and heavy. This did lose the Brain Master gimmick even though the Brain Master pilot is included, he only sits inside of the core robots chest and does not form the face or cause additional transformations. So rather you want this to transform or a non IDW Flame Toys style Star Saber then this may be for you! Let us get started.

Background / 背景 / バックグラウンド

The original character from Transformers Victory – Star Saber was designed with the Gundam Core Booster in mind by Kunio Okawara. He is the same guy responsible for the brave series and such robots as GaoGaiGar and many robot greats before these. Gatchaman, Tekkaman, Daitarn, Armored Trooper Votoms, are just but a taste of his works to date.

Specifications / 技术指标 / 仕様書

  • 2 lbs 8.9 ozs / 1160 kgs
  • 14″ tall / 33 cm
  • Die-Cast (Internal Frame (Big Robot))

Accessories / 配饰 / 付属品

  • 1x Pilot (Brain Master)
  • 1x Red Jet Robot (Saber)
  • 1x Star Saber Frame (V-Star Weapons Platform)
  • 1x Small Sword (Laser Saber)
  • 1x Large Sword Blade (Large Laser Saber)
  • 1x Large Sword Hilt (for 2 handed posing)
  • 1x Red Jet Nosecone (transforms into Large Laser Sword)
  • 1x Rifle
  • 1x Helmet
  • 1x Landing Gear (for red jet – not shown in this review)
  • 1x Pair of splayed hands (for red jet – also not shown in this review)

This sample did come with a few extra sets of hip skirts. I believe the company is still adjusting tolerances. I see where it could be an an annoyance but after a single swap out my current set has not popped back off yet.

Packaging / 打包 / パッケージング

This came in a fairly solid cardboard with more of a flat finish . Very nice IR-V01 graphic on the front and a small product demonstration in the back. The inside though was a top notch clam shell with a black bottom base and a clear top.

Sample / 样品 / サンプル

Please note this is a sample or production prototype if you will and is subject to change. This is not the final product.

Gallery / 画廊 / ギャラリー

Please watch our video for full 360 view of all modes.

Video / 视频 / ビデオ

Thoughts / 思想 / 考え

As mentioned above we were already interested in a MP Star Saber replacement and this may have filled that void. While I do wish the Brain Master was a slight bit bigger and still Diaclone sized I do understand the reason for the downsizing and the Saber himself was also downsized to almost a legends scale. V-Star the main big ship though was upscaled and in a good way. Many more stylized components were added to this mode (such as the angle in the main wings for example). This thing feels robust and heavy when dealing when the V-Star component or combined mode. The Red jet alone is solid and actually much different than first anticipated and small which I feel was a nice change. The tiny Brain Master has some tiny paint apps to match. While not quite the show stopper it is pretty amazing they squeezed some of these details in.

As far as transformations everything is pretty much a breeze if you follow the instructions and look at what is going on. As far as forming the big combined ship though I must admit I have issues as I have not found an easy trick yet and with all the die-cast in the cradle I am trying not to scratch the red jet. I have successfully got into this mode twice now. Separation worries me right now as well but a it is not that hard. Any other mode is very easy to deal with.

before I forget inside cockpit of the jet has next to none as far as detailing goes. The inside Brain Master compartment on the small robots chest it literally just that a compartment he stands in. And YES this is intended to combine with IRV-02 King Leo and we cannot wait!

I did have to clean some excess flashing out of the shoulder to get it to properly transform but this is a sample they rushed together for me to try to get it here before the Chinese New Year. I talked with the designer and explained everything so he can tend to it on the factory side of things.

I am glad that TF-Prototype has had this opportunity to get familiar with Iron Trans and their designer. IRV-01 Star Blade is an amazing product which I personally think is very ambitious with their goals but are currently pulling it off and with style. I have high hopes for this company after seeing this guy combined. I do suggest to pre-order yours today if interested. This is Tec and until next time…

We like to thank Iron Trans for sharing these information and trying to work it out so TF-Prototype can receive samples to check out for our readers first hand.

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