3rd Party Legends Clear NewAge Transformer Review! (Insecticons, Bombshell, Shrapnel and Kickback)

Over the years we have watched Hasbro / Takara improve upon every generation but EarthRise finally hits on all the right places. The previous Siege was exceptionally good and we even got a few figures that will probably end up in almost every collectors collection such as Jetfire. The EarthRise series continues on the same path with ankle tilts, no hollow gaps when possible but has added the aspect of Generation 1 into the mix and even improved upon some of the hands such as the new EarthRise Optimus Prime (which we will touch on later). Today we get a chance to check out WheelJack and to be blunt this is basically a cheap masterpiece as most already know. The design looks to be highly adapted from the HasTak MP WheelJack. Please note when I say cheap I just mean costing lesser money and it is sold as a children’s toy. It is quite the impressive mold and highly recommended.

Background Information:
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