‘VS’ Challenge of the Upgrade- Winner

The challenge (WHO IS MAKING THE SUPERIOR BRUTICUS UPGRADE) was tough but the TF Prototype Army responded. Although we consider all companies as winners in our book, there can only be one in our ‘VS’ Challenge! It was a long, hard fought battle. Many were lost and will be remembered as heroes for the ages but those who stood tall and persevered  shall enjoy the fruits of their conquest. TF Prototype and The Pow Wow Show would like to congratulate………MicroBlaze Creations on their hard fought Victory. MicroBlaze took on the challenge of turning something mediocre into a very cool toy. Great figure along with the parts necessary for a tight look and articulation. Although the X-Transbots upgrade is better priced and does major improvements on this mediocre toy, Microblaze Creations just takes it to the next level. Excellent Job, MICROBLAZE CREATIONS!