Important announcement for future Renderform releases!

Effective immediately, new Renderform Garage Kits products will be limited to 100 sets or less! This number will be a combination with any variants of each new items. The wait time has gotten longer, with the increasing demand, and I personally can not keep up with the amount of orders. I have decided to only offer what I truly feel can be released within 30 days of customers ordering. Most upgrade kits, with heads, will average at around runs of 50-75, while stand alone weapon accessories will be limited to 50 to 100 sets. If I can’t make and ship out orders within the one month time frame, I will go ahead and cap runs further for future projects. Many of you understand it takes a lot of work and time to make each individual piece, and are willing to wait. While an increasing amount of customers do not want to wait an extended amount of time. Renderform products have averaged between 2-4 months to the day of shipping final orders, starting from when each new product was announced and put up for preorder, during 2014. By comparison, this time line is less then most 3rd party factory made items from announcement/preorders to release. By offering smaller runs now, I hope this will also help with better customer service and communication. Once products are sold out, I will make my designs available through, which will either be a cheaper option, or more expensive one, depending on each individual design. – Azim Venksta