The Chosen Prime Update

The Chosen Prime recently released this statement on their Facebook asking for Fans help. Read below to find out more!
(Please note that this is not the only store having problems with these companies.)

Attention Toyworld and Warbotron Fans and Buyers:

Not to long ago we asked you guys to help us reach out to to let the voices be heard of those who do not wish to purchase them from the larger retailers or hold some alliance to one of the smaller stores such as ourselves (something we are very grateful for). Your initial efforts were heard and Toyworld responded positively to your requests and reached out to us to restore our business relationship. As we worked through the ordering process we felt as if some changes within Toyworld’s marketing arm were to blame for the lack of communication and we felt like things were back to “business as usual.” Until it came time to actually get our order in place and get the product. We placed our orders as they requested we do and then heard nothing, again.

We have reached out to them numerous times and through various media outlets as well with no luck. To make matters worse, we have found ourselves in a similar situation with Warbotron, a company that has already seen communication errors cause public outcry. Our orders have been placed with these companies for some time now with now responses from either company, so we will again ask for the support and help from The Chosen Prime family to help us bring the products to you that you desire. Please be courteous and respectful in your attempts to contact them and simply let them know that you support The Chosen Prime and other smaller retailers and would appreciate fair treatment of them when marketing and selling their products.

We may not sell the quantities of their items that other large stores do, but we do represent a share of the market and work hard to help promote and support them and we only ask for the same in return.

Again please be respectful and appropriate in your communications and represent The Chosen Prime with pride and class. Here are the ways to contact them.

Toyworld – or facebook at

Warbotron – or facebook at

We appreciate your time and efforts and hope we can bring you these excellent items soon!

Thank You,
Brandon Weik
The Chosen Prime

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