The Chosen Prime Update

Recently released on The Chosen Prime’s Blog they made this announcement:

As many of you know, we have had a difficult time getting the most recent products from Toyworld over the last couple of months and we have asked for your assistance on a couple of occasions to persuade ToyWorld to continue to move forward with us. Unfortunately that has fallen on deaf ears it appears.

However, we have found a intermediary to help us in obtaining these products and now have a system in place to provide them on a regular and timely basis moving forward.

We do not expect any more delay’s or hiccups in providing Toyworld products from this point on and we will be able to bring all the items we offered to you very soon. We expect to have them next week along with the newest releases like Muddy and Devilstar!

We thank each and every one of you for your efforts to contact Toyworld and we are happy that we again support Toyworld (Although Indirectly) and hope that we can reconnect directly with them at some point down the line. Until then, we will still service and support them through our newest partner.

Thank you,
Brandon Weik”

Click Image Below to Visit The Chosen Prime’s Toy World selection now.

TCP - Toyworld Products

This was aslo released shortly after on The Chosen Prime’s blog:

“After several attempts to reach our to Warbotron to complete our order without luck we have turned our attention to an intermediary supplier who is willing to support the products and get them to us in a timely manner moving forward.

We a pleased to finally have resolution to this for everyone concerned and WB-03A Turbo Ejector should be arriving some time next week and will be shipped out immediately.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we have been seeking a resolution and from now on, we do not expect any extraordinary delays in the arrival of Warbotron Products

Thank you,
Brandon Weik”

Click image below to place your order for Ejector.

Warbotron Turbo Ejector

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