Armarauders Don Figueroa Current Bio




Name: Don Figueroa
• Co-Creator and Producer of Armarauders
• Illustrator of Armarauders
• Mechanical Designer
Country: United States

A talented mechanical designer and illustrator, Figueroa worked with Hasbro with designing their Transformers: Titanium line before working on the Transformers Henkei figures. Many of these overall designs were folded into Hasbro’s Transformers: Universe series which remains popular in North America to this day.

Figueroa worked with Dreamwave Productions as well as IDW Comics in launching their extremely popular Transformers comic book series – eventually designing the “War Within” modes that have influenced all future Transformers comics and video games. Figueroa’s Transformers work remains some of the best-selling giant robot comic books in U.S. history.

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  1. Damn! When will this guy return to draw TF comics?