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Mecha Workshop Armarauders Bellerophon Cam's Custom (Pre Production Version) - Vangelus Review 270

Vangelus (Part 1)

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Vangelus (Part 2)

Shartimus Prime

Mecha Workshop Armarauders Bellerophon Review - CollectionDX

Collection DX
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Toyark – Includes interview with Mecha Workshop.

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Note: All reviews are based on pre-production samples.

Did You Know…?

The name “ARMARAUDERS” derives from the two words “Armored” and “Marauders.”

Why the name BELLEROPHON? (That is SO difficult to pronounce and spell.)

Somewhat similar to the Greek mythological hero, Hercules. The Bellerophon mech is based on an underdog hero in Greek mythology named, “Bellerophon”, son of Poseidon!

Why not just use Hercules you ask? 

Well, we here at Team Armarauders usually root for the underdogs smile emoticon. And, Bellerophon is a hero whose tale is very much underrated… Doubt many would know that it was Bellerophon who first tamed Pegasus, and along with his trusty steed, defeated the Chimera. This is why the Bellerophon Mech is able to combine with the Triple-Changer Pegasus Drone in the Arma-verse.

Artwork by Sherard Jackson.

Bellerophon Mech “Combine” Add-On:

Pegasus Drone


The Pegasus Drone is A.I. controlled and has 3 different modes:
  1. Combine mode: The Pegasus Drone merges with the mech enabling flight capability.
  2. Sidekick mode: The Pegasus gallops alongside its master mech guarding it like a noble steed.
  3. Drone mode: A supersonic aerial jet protecting its master mech from above.
  • Adding more universal slots and articulating joints to certain areas, along with more gimmicks.
  • It can also combine with Armarauders mechs of different models in the future.

Design by DonFigueroa / 3D design by Keiichiro Maeno [T-REX]

Manufacturer, Distributor, Release, Price—TBA

Suit Up!


Bellerophon mech’s armor add-on — Armor & Shield of Kingsmight and Blades of Kingswrath. Soon to be featured in the upcoming Armarauders comic issue #5.

Design by Don Figueroa

3D Design,Manufacturer, Distributor, Release, Price — TBA

Voices Behind Armarauders: The Last Battalion Motion Comic


The voice of Cameron “Cam” Knox is Sci-Fi enthusiast, emcee, radio host, actor, voice talent, and our dear friend, the dashing Frank Todaro.

You might have also heard his voice in Sony’s Little Big Planet as Disney’s Buzz Lightyear or seen him on Discovery Channel’s Science of the Impossible with theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku. Tune in to Frank’s weekly award winning science/paranormal radio show here, at
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