Armarauders Complete Storyline

The people of Earth had become a hazard unto themselves. The population levels outpaced the food supply, precious resources had been spent, and their planet’s environment was fouled to dangerous levels. Many nations were eying neighboring lands with conquest in mind, and a vicious global war seemed inevitable.

Like an all too convenient prayer, the Runerians came. Although their starships arrived at Earth as broken hulks with the scars of battle, the technology they represented was far beyond that of humankind. A species of pacifists, the Runerians (aka “Runeks”) arrived in the name of peace… but also with a warning…

The Wasters were coming.

The Wasters were an alien species of conquerors. They despoiled planets for resources, technology, and slaves—destroying all which was not of use to them. The Runeks had fled their own planet, Runera, being apparently ill suited to defend against the onslaught. Many Runerian starships—unable to make the voyage—self-destructed rather than allow their species’ advanced technology to fall into such brutal hands.


In exchange for sanctuary and protection, the Runerians shared their knowledge with the humans. Mankind quickly adapted to these new gifts. Mining colonies were established on Earth’s moon—as well as the two moons of Mars, Deimos and Phobos—for new raw materials. Machinery capable of turning raw energy into food alleviated the problems of starvation. As to the problem of over-population… the Wasters, themselves, helped solve that.

For the Wasters were soon upon them. The Runerians’ more advanced technology allowed them to arrive significantly before the Waster horde, giving Earth enough time to prepare for the impending threat; it was barely enough. Millions of lives were lost. Entire cities were obliterated. Yet, the humans held their ground. Using weapons originally designed to attack each other, humanity held the line, and in a glorious victory, saved planet Earth from destruction.


In a brief span of years, humanity had gone from utter ruin, to a self-sufficient planet able to maintain its current population. But with the Waster armada defeated, humanity shifted its focus to the alien refuges. Some humans, seeing the Runerians as saviors, looked to them as if they were gods. But many more looked upon them with hatred—a focus of blame for the Waster invasion. Some even suggested that the Runerians had visited Earth in the past, and that they had caused mankind to fall into the state Earth was in when the Runerians arrived. The Runerians did little to dissuade such negatively, many actively stating that they looked upon humans as violent, coarse, and uncivilized.


A decision was made, and a pact between nations was formed. Rather than fight a defensive war, waiting for the next attack, Earth would take the fight to the Wasters. Just as Earth had learned peaceful technology from the Runerians, they studied the Wasters’ technology, and learned of war. Giant mechanical assault vehicles were constructed, mimicking the humanoid physiology of its pilots. The first goal of the new mech units was to reclaim the planet Runera for their new allies. But goals are easier stated than accomplished.

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