Quick link to new items, and shipping dates for new preorders

Renderform is back with new items revealed, and older variants to celebrate the 5th Anniversary!  There are many new items up for preorders.  New items, which are variants of already released products will be going into productio in a few days.  Other new items, like the Stunticon accessories are still in design phase, and will be going into product in a couple weeks.  So to make things go smoothly, all items up for preorders are broken in to two groups.  Items in Group A will ship first, and items in Group B will shape later.  When you check the product description, it will state what group that item is part of.  If you place and order and have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly, by using the Contact Page.

Group A: Orders with just items from this group will begin shipping on April 20th.

Group B: Orders that include items from this group will begin to ship in early May.

All the new Renderform items can be found by click this line of text!