Toy World’s TW-D03 Grimshell (Corelock) Dinobiner!

TW-D03 Grimshell (Corelock)

by Toy World

Oscar has got his hands on Toy World’s version of Grimlock and we are blown away. Big thank you to Oscar Fung!

Dino mode comparison images.

Weapons and Combiner Hands Up Close.

Dinobiner! Least what is released so far to date.

5 Responses so far...

  1. Tony Frazier says:

    I wasn’t gonna buy these but DAMN. So tempting!

  2. Fred Beard says:

    He has that smile that says “Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m gonna eat your face!”

  3. What dinobot does the head come w/. Didn see it in box.

  4. Jose Diaz says:

    That looks so dope!