Yesterday during BotCon 2015 several future figure announcements were made and among them were some expected bots and some surprises.

Combiner: Sky Reign (Looks to be a Leokaiser homage)

Wheeljack Deluxe Class

Hound Deluxe Class

Ironhide Deluxe Class

Trailbreaker Deluxe Class

Sky Lynx Voyager Class

Combiner Sky Reign

Combiner 6th Member

Wreck-Gar Legends Class

And among them…


Blast Off Deluxe Class

Brawl Deluxe Class

Swindle Deluxe Class

Vortex Deluxe Class

Onslaught Voyager Class

Combiner Bruticus

Combaticon 6th Member

Shockwave Legends Class (Shockwave can become a Gun for Bruticus or a Jetpack)

Combiner: Optimus Maximus

Mirage Deluxe Class

Prowl Deluxe Class

Smokescreen Deluxe Class

Sunstreaker Deluxe Class

Optimus Prime Voyager Class

Combiner Optimus Maximus

No Official Image Yet (Substitute by Eric Peterson)

Combiner 6th Member

Rodimus Legends Class

Other Combiner Wars (Buzzsaw, Chop Shop, Skywarp (Legends), Seekers (Leader))