Fans Toys FT-03 Quakewave Re-Issue to Launch Pre-Orders Next Month!

Our sources comes to use with information about the upcoming reissue of FT-03 Quake wave by Fans Toys. It is rumored that pre-orders will launch next month in Asia and we highly trust these sources but rather plans or other information comes to light between now and then we shall see. Stay tuned fans!


9 Responses so far...

  1. If/when they announce U.S. pre-orders, I’m in.

  2. Manuel!! a ponerse las pilas! imperdible!

  3. After that shit with toy version Scoria, when it’s out we ll see!

  4. Dale Yaddow says:

    do we know what the price point is going to be this round?

  5. This time around I will get Quakewave.. No KO’S in my collection.. nope and nope.