Warbotron WB-03 Not Scattershot Quick Overview (Redux)

We were recently fortunate enough to get our hands on Warbotron WB-03 Computron to review. While we take time to give some attention to each bot, alt modes, and create some galleries we thought it would be a good idea to give a quick preview of WB-03 not Scattershot since most are awaiting theirs now.

Let me start off by saying this is a review sample and final products colors and specifications may vary. Most everyone will notice upon arrival is all the die-cast parts in the feet. This guy looks amazing with a lot of changes since we last seen him.

Bot Mode:

Alt Mode:


Axes, Cleavers, and Hatchets then some!


Rifle Transforms & Shields and Swords become a stand for flying ship modes (Not Strafe & Not Scattershot):

Die-Cast! Full tilt confirmed!

Individual Limb Components:

Various Comparison images: