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Specials / Hot Items


Perfect Effect PE-DX05 Leonidas
SDCC 2015 Combiner Hunters
DX9Toys D07 Tyrant
KFCToys E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 7A: Ditka
Toyworld TW-D04 Iron Dreg
Hasbro Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator
FansToys FT-04X Scoria
Planet X PX-05 Quirinus
Platinum Edition Trypticon
Fansproject Saurus Ryu-Oh Dinoni
UniqueToys Ordin Combiner Set
Generation Toy Gravity Builder
SDCC 2015 Titan Class Devastator
Planet X PX-01B Gammadim
Fansproject Saurus Ryu-Oh Dinoichi
Dr Wu Vigorous Mixer
Fansproject Function X10 Browning II

Maketoys MTRM-02N Gundog




Bold Forms BF-01 Gladius
Fansproject Function X8 Crox
Spark Toys ST-01

FansToys FT-14 Forager


Mastermind Creations R-14 Commotus
FansToys FT-06D Sever (Diaclone colors)
TFCToys OS-01 Ironwill
Combiner Wars Voyager Battle Core Optimus Prime
Maketoys MTCM-04A Axle
Combiner Wars Wave 4 Deluxes – Ironhide, Mirage, Prowl, and Suntreaker
XTransbots MX-III Eligos and Truncheon
Warbotron WB-03D



Generations Cyber Battalion Commander Optimus Prime
MegaSteel MS-01 Tronus
Fewture Ex-Gokin Unicron Head
FansToys FT-04T Scoria
Fansproject Function X0 Code
Cyber Battalion Megatron
Takara Unite Warriors UW-01 Superion
Takara MP-21G G2 Bumblebee
Perfect Effect PC-03 Perfect Combiner Upgrade for Superion
Cyber Battalion Starscream
Maketoys MTRM-01 Cupola
Generations Cyber Battalion Commander Bumblebee



Tamashii Effect Blue Flame
Tamashii Effect Blue Thunder
Tamashii Stage ACT Combination (Clear Blue)
Tamashii Stage ACT Combination (Clear)
Tamashii Effect Red Flame
Tamashii Effect Yellow Thunder
Tamashii Effect Impact (Gray)
Tamashii Stage ACT Combination(Clear Black/Gray)