Masterpiece MP-18B Bluestreak

Not much else can be said for the Masterpiece Datsun mold, we’ve already seen it four times prior: Prowl, Smokescreen, Bluestreak, and a Takara exclusive toy accurate Bluestreak (AKA: Silverstreak). However, the recently released Masterpiece MP-18B steals the show and reignites all love for this mold, if it were dwindling to begin with. We finally have a BLUE Bluestreak! 

Missiles away!
A crisp paint job does this car well.
This article is not to convince you of how well done the Datsun Masterpiece mold is, you already know that. However, don’t pass up this chance to own MP-18B Bluestreak because of it being the fifth use of the mold. I’m trying not to be too gushy about Bluestreak here, I admit it’s hard, but he’s simply that stunning and well worth the fifth purchase of the mold. 
Datsun complete. 
These look magnificent on the collection shelf too.
Line up!
Datsun complete.
Vehicle mode just oozes perfection. The paint layout is extremely well done, coming across as sharp, vibrant, and crisp. I’ve read reports that there have been a few paint blemishes on received Bluestreaks, I would wager that’s a small minority though, and not the norm. With the sample I photographed, Takara’s efforts to make this figure pristine came through. 
I’m normally a traditional “keep it displayed in robot mode” collector, but it’ll be hard to keep this one from displayed in alternate mode. The blue just pops!

Sharp, vibrant, and crisp.
No paint blemishes here.

It’s worth noting that seeing MP-18B next to MP-18S Silverstreak really drives home how well done each Bluestreak has been. Silverstreak’s all silver paint scheme isn’t for everyone, but I found myself loving it more when doing some comparison shots next to MP-18B Bluestreak. It’s an incredibly cool accomplishment to have a toy accurate Masterpiece along side a Diaclone homage Masterpiece. 
MP-18S compared to MP-18B.

All fantastic toys, but … MP18B > MP18 > MP18S
Robot mode is where your money is well worth it (if you weren’t convinced already). Without having to order through Amazon Japan to receive an exclusive, or purchase third party add-ons, Bluestreak comes with two silver shoulder missile launchers. Stunning. 

Takara also took advantage of the Datsun tooling of Prowl and reused his head here for Bluestreak and it works extremely well! At first glance it may be hard to tell, you may just assume they’re the same head, but the fresh coat of blue paint and gold horns makes this head sculpt a fitting addition to Bluestreak. 

A near perfect head sculpt to separate itself from the rest.

A Blue Bluestreak you say?

Blue Bluestreak: the unofficial mascot of The Chosen Prime (those colors match perfectly!)

I cannot recommend this figure enough. Not all of us have the connections, time, or money to purchase a vintage Diaclone Bluestreak; this may be your only chance to own Bluestreak in his namesake colors. Takara’s effort shows in this figure with the stunning paint job, well executed accessories, and sculpt. MP-18B Bluestreak is nothing short of a Masterpiece. 
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