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Specials / Hot Items
FansToys FT-03T Quakewave

DX9Toys D06 Carry

KFCToys CST-08 Fader and CST-09 Rover

Mastermind Creations R-13 Spartan

Maketoys MTCM-04A Axle

Takara MP-18B Bluestreak

Gigapower HQ-03R Guttur (Chrome)

Mastermind Creations R-01G Grandus Hexatron

Takara MP-30 Ratchet

Fansproject Saurus Ryu-Oh Dinosan

Takara MP-25 Tracks

KFCToys KP-11 Articulated Hands for MP-25 Tracks

Toyworld TW-D figures

Maketoy MTCM-04B Rover

Perfect Effect DX-07 Xerxes

TFCToys OS-03 Medic

Takara LG Deadlock

Toyworld TW-03C Bii (Metallic Blue Version)

Mastermind Creations R-20N Nero Rex (Exclusive Version)

Shadow Fisher XS001 Upgrade Kit for Titan Class Devastator

Beelzeboss BLZ-08 Unleashed Fury Custom Kit

Maketoys MM-02 Rearend with Hurricane add-on kit

Planet-X PX-06 Vulcan

Takara Diaclone Reboot Diabattles V2 (Moon Base Version)

Iron Factory Asahura Knights

BadCube OTS-08 Sunsurge with Fry

Combiner Wars Leader Skywarp

Platinum Series G1 Trypticon

Generation Toy GT1B Mixer Truck

Toyworld TW-T Throttler Combiner

SDCC 2015 Combiner Hunters

KFCToys KP-10 Articulated Hands for MP-12/12T Lambor

ShapeShift, Inc. Microlegion Series Skysnake and Heavy Metal

Mastermind Creations R-12 Cynicus Asterisk Mode (Exclusive)

Fewture/Artstorm UM-01 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

Takara LG-EX Grand Scourge

Fansproject Function X8 Crox

Tamashii Effect Blue Flame

Fansproject LER-03 Volar (Exclusive)