Maketoys is a company I usually buy from without hesitation. Their Masterpiece line is something I’m really looking forward to collecting.
Jeep mode looks pretty good. Although the seats and steering wheel are nicely detailed, the floor of the cabin has a lot of gaps. The wheels are rubber so he has no trouble rolling. All the weapons and accessories can store on the back.
Transformation from jeep to robot is easy because you’re just untabbing and unfolding the figure. Going from robot to jeep starts off easy enough, but gets frustrating in the final stretch. Because of the rotation of the thighs and arms, it can be difficult to properly line up all the tabs. I wasn’t able to do it, but then I’ve never been that good at transforming these guys.
The head sculpt looks really good. The general silhouette of the figure hits all the right notes. I believe he has die-cast parts. He feels pretty hefty. The ab crunch is a great addition. Although the back cleans up fairly well, you have to be mindful of where you place your fingers. I’m constantly knocking off the spare tire or popping the steering wheel off of its ball joint.
His head is on a swivel that tilts. He is single jointed at the elbows and knees.  His four fingers articulate as one piece. He swivels at the wrists, biceps, upper thighs, and waist. His feet are on rockers. He also has an ab crunch. His posability is pretty decent, but you have to be mindful of the seats when bending his knees.
His accessories include a rifle, a mounted cannon, a shoulder-mounted missile launcher, a spare tire, and a gas can. The rifle uses a Masterpiece-style tab and works very well. The mounted canon can be tabbed into a port on his left arm or be held sort of loosely, and can swivel. The shoulder-mounted missile launcher can articulate, but I use it to clip the windshield into place. The gas can can tab into either foot.
It’s not without flaws, but I do love this figure. He looks right at home on my Masterpiece shelf. But because of the fiddly transformation, I’m looking forward to Fans Toys interpretation.