Not even our Final Form ((Site Updates) Finally)!

Final Form Explained (Site Updates & Automation)

TF-Prototype is updating its format and existing content. The planned construction will continue throughout the next week but we will never have downtime.

We are proudly adding Gundam, Voltron, Voltes V, Danguard Ace, and many many other super robots and mecha anime favorites.

What we have started has grown into a database that is searched by hundreds of users daily to find content they are looking for no matter how long we go quiet… This is amazing and we thank you! We have no way to show our gratitude other than this post and to add as much content and improve upon what is there.

We have been testing automation for over a year now as many of us just like to create. We feel we are now ready to release this on to the public and allow it to work unhindered. It will be a somewhat simplified version of what we originally hoped but this allows us to test out some new minimalist view designs that we believe are much needed for TFP.

Some of these upcoming changes are being tested on our site and have been throughout the day. You are welcome to come visit and check them out or even leave us some feedback. We thank you guys for making us what we are today, until are one…

The TFP Team

Artwork found on Google with various sources. We thank them.