Fans Hobby MB-06 Power Baser MP Scaled PowerMaster Optimus Prime (Update #4)

Fans Hobby MB-06

This is Fans Hobby’s version of masterpiece scaled PowerMaster Optimus Prime and is scheduled to be out sometime in October. Being a highly anticipated figure by collectors worldwide they have chosen a hard target to tackle this early on. Name has been confirmed to be Power Baser Name is still yet to be confirmed on this one so we will have to stay tuned. With a height of 305mm and confirmed use of metal alloy. This is one we personally cannot wait for, check out the renders below and let us know what you think.

Edit: Reduced backpack in combined mode – confirmed
Edit 2: Name added – confirmed
Edit 3: Cab Swivel & Images added – Confirmed
Edit 4: Test Shot Detail Refinements & Components Fitting of Core Unit (Images Added)


Latest Images of current Test Shot:

Original Concept Designs:

Cab Swivel Depicted – Early Prototype Images

Reduced Backack Depicted – Early Prototype Images

13 Responses so far...

  1. Pretty sure there is more updated images of this figure. Such as a reduced backpack and cab swivel

  2. I’ve seen this prototype up close and in person. This is an amazing figure.

  3. Bird Watchy says:

    Would he be the same size as Hasbro TR leader Optimus?

  4. MP scale maybe, but not MP quality. I see way too much kibble on the truck mode for my liking.

  5. How good is this Optimus Kathy Bradley

  6. That kibble behind his head is no good.