Fext Hobby: OWL ONE Armour

OWL-ONE Armour Showcase

by Fext Hobby

Fext Hobby is a brand or sub-division of Fans Hobby who has become known for their MP scaled Transformers loaded with die-cast and solid engineering. Now with that being said it gives us much hope for this new branch. Fext Hobby will not cater to Transformers, or possibly any line but more on them later. Today we are here to introduce you their latest creation and it for Robotech / Macross products which caught me by total surprise when I first heard.

OWL is an acronym  for Operations Weapons Laboratory and OWL-ONE will be the first line of Armours introduced with 8 different models. Below is a list of what is included with each armour set.

  • Armour x 1 set
  • Armour display stand x 1 pc.
  • Backdrop x 1 set
  • Seat display x 1 set
  • Supporter (matches with existing display stand) included

These are made to fit all Bandai Hi-Model R (HMR) 1/100th Valkyries. We will not get into the specifics of each one right now until more details are revealed on each one but we hope you enjoy the product galleries.

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Fext System Displays

Other Fext Systems

Fext Hobby offers these direct if you do not mind paying shipping and judging by their success with Fans Hobby I foresee many of our sponsors carrying these soon enough. A link is provided below to Fext Hobby’s web site directly or you can check our Shop Now menu to shop with one of our sponsors.