JX Jiangxing JX-MetalBeast-01 Winged Beast

JX-MetalBeast-01 Winged Beast

by JX Jiangxing

This looks to be a masterpiece scaled version of Beast Wars TransMetals 2 Megatron (Dragon). I was able to speak with them and was told this was an exact recreation of the transformation shown in the animation. While this character gets a lot of attentions from the 3rd party world I do not believe it has ever been done to the cartoons specifications or designs before, this is sure to be a winner with Transformers fans around the world. I do not have any confirmation on die-cast or any materials used for that matter yet but we do have a gorgeous gallery emailed to us yesterday we would like to share with you today, we hope you enjoy. This will be on display at TFcon, we look forward to seeing more.

Winged Beast

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