MB-11 Series God Armours by Fans Hobby

With the release of Fans Hobby MB-11 series of God Armours drawing near we thought it was time to share what we have so far. Even though they were pushed back slightly I think we will all agree about the wait looking to have paid off.

Here is a quick summary of some of the features:

  • Cockpit will open and be able to host several pilots and passengers (3 total).
  • Seems to come with 3 mini figures we are going to assume represents the Headmaster Jrs that rode in God Bomber during the anime run in Japan.
  • Mini figures do appear much smaller in size than the Power Baser figures.
  • God Armour Trailer Can hitch on to Power Baser trailer and also the Cab directly.
  • God Armour will pretty much match the height of Power Baser combined.
  • God Bomber Canon has a firing missile.
  • New styled transforming combed mode head

Well done Fans Hobby. Now let’s see the goods!

MB-11A Black God Armour

MB-11 God Armour

Original Ginrai / God Bomber Artworks, Animation Stills, & G1 Toys

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