MB-16 Lightning Eagle (Masterpiece Thunder Clash) by Fans Hobby

Fans Hobby is steadily keeping pace with fresh ideas and a virtually untapped pool of character resources to choose from. I do not see this company slowing down anytime soon. With MB-06 Power Baser 1st & 2nd run selling out not to mention the almost depletion of 2nd run MB-08 this company is becoming a powerhouse in the 3rd party scene!

Quick Intro to Thunder Clash

Thunder Clash was the commander of the Autobot Turbomasters. Said to be fearless and a force of his own while in battle. The Turbomasters main opponents were the Decepticon Predators who were led by Skyquake. This was late G1 era.

MB-16 Render Gallery

This will be available sometime in December.

Original Toy G1 Toy

Thoughts & Questions

Does this mean we will get a Machine Wars Optimus if Thunder Clash succeeds? I believe so but will we possibly see Skyquake (leader of the Decepticon Predators)? And to go even a step futher I believe this would open the door for Machine Wars Star Scream and possibly even a King Atlas. What do you guys think about MB-16 Lightning Eagle? Let us know in the comments.

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