Fans Hobby MB-11 God Armour Series Driver Sets

Fans Hobby has been teasing the fans with images of the Driver teams coming out with MB-11 God Armour Series releasing between soon. They have let me know MB-11B will be fully revealed soon as well. MB-11A Black God Armour Review sample will be arriving soon and we are excited. We hope you enjoy and until next time. – Tec

Side Notes: Yes those are Minerva, Goshooter, and Cab!

Image we made depicting proper Driver Team assignment order to which MB-11 God Armour

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For a full look at MB-11 God Armour Series Click Image Below. Review Samples will arriving soon.

As always you can pre-order one of these through Fans Hobby directly by clicking the Fans Hobby logo below or you can visit one of our sponsors and save some on shipping.

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