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Unique Toyys O-02 Alberich (Rippersnapper)

Skullface takes a look at Unique Toys Alberich, their homage to g1 terrorcon Rippersnapper. He looks at the figure, accessories, tranforms from bot to limb to shark, and talks about beast kibble.  

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Shattered Cast Uncut Episode 54 “He’s On Fire”

Shattered Cast Uncut Episode 54: He’s On Fire. This adult oriented transformers podcast looks at the latest in 3rd Party and official news and discusses masterpiece vs 3rd party price points. also available on iTunes, stitcher, and player fm      

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MP-11 Skywarp VS Walmart Exclusive MP Skywarp

Skullface compare MP-11 Skywarp against the Hasbro Walmart Exclusive MP- Skywarp. he compares accessories, sculpts and discusses the double standard.  

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Skullface Reviews Fanstoys Soar

Skullface takes a look at Fanstoys Soar, talks about the figure, the accessories, transforms from bot to dinosaur, and asks not to be threatened with a good time.  

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