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Astraemaric Photography Scyther Gallery

Scyther Gallery by Astraemaric Photography  Amazing lighting control and background gradients. Hats off, great work!

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Armarauders Complete Storyline

The people of Earth had become a hazard unto themselves. The population levels outpaced the food supply, precious resources had been spent, and their planet’s environment was fouled to dangerous levels. Many nations were eying neighboring lands with conquest in mind, and a vicious global war seemed inevitable. Like an all too convenient prayer, the […]

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ATP Designs: Complete Product and Company Information

All About ATP Designs Please note this was the exact email sent to us and it was just to well presented not to recreate here. Thank you ATP Designs! My name is Mike and I am a CAD designer in my free time. My business, ATP Designs, started as a hobby on TFW2005 (my screen […]

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Ages Three and Up Product Updates – Mar 28, 2015

MP-18B Bluestreak Limited Edition Color Pre-orders,MP-24 Star Saber Arrives and more… Product Updates March 28, 2015 MP-18B – Bluestreak Limited Edition Color STOCK CONFIRMED Pre-order Now! MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks Pre-orders Available MP-24 Star Saber Just Arrived! Combiner Wars Devastator pre-orders Available! Combiner Wars Voyagers / Deluxe Wave 3 Pre-orders open! Combiner Wars Leader Ultra Magnus […]

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Toy World TW-D03 Corelock (Grimlock) Update!

Toy World TW-D03 Corelock by Toy World Pictures of this beast were circling social media sites. Looks quite impressive cannot wait to see  more of this dino combiner. New updated image.

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Tec Talk: IDW Bomber Megatron

 Tec Talk: IDW Bomber Megatron TW-04: What happened? We received an email asking the status of Toy World IDW based Megatron Bomber, as we could not dig up any more information than what they were able to dig alone we thought we would share what was found and other notes on topics. Thank you to Stefan. […]

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TFsource Weekly SourceNews! MP-24 Star Saber, TF Adventure, DX9 War in Pocket and More!

My Source | Create Account | Help | Contact Us   Greetings Sourcefans!This week we have new instock items like MP-24 Masterpiece Star Saber, several new TF Adventure figures, TFC Toys Verti-Aid and Prometheus, Reformatted – R-07 – Felisaber the Surveillant, Warbotron – WB01-D – Whirlwind, Shadow Fisher Revolver Upgrade Kit and Intimidator Arm Filler […]

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The Chosen Prime Newsletter Week of March 23rd, 2015

Newsletter for the week of March 23rd, 2015. Don’t know about The Chosen Prime?  Check out our About Us Page and get to know who we are and where The Chosen Prime originated from. Need to know a release date or trying to budget your Transformers purchases?  Check out the Latest Release Dates and Estimated […]

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TFsource Volar Update by Fans Project!

TFsource – Your Source for 1000’s of Transformers! Why go to the Store when you can go to the Source! www.tfsource.com View this email in your browser     Fansproject – Lost Exo Realm – LER-03 Volar Preorder Update! Great news – Fansproject’s Volar will include both a replaceable red & blue body as well […]

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Star to Star Toys Transformers Toy News Recap – 23/03/2015

Transformers News Recap – 23/03/2015 by Star to Star Toys Star Saber released! New Generations Sub-line? Cracks in Summanus? All this and more: Thanks again to Christopher Johnson. Covered in this episode: TAKARA – Masterpiece MP-22 Star Saber released! – Images C/O Duo Duo Green Tea of TFND.net – Optimus Prime SG Review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccw68… […]

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