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MMPR CGI Animation Test: Red Dragon Thunderzord / Ryuuseioh

by Dai Zyujin

Transformers: Combiner Wars – Prime Wars Trilogy Complete


All content of this video is owned by Hasbro, Takara, and

Transformers combiner Abominus Teaser

MP 36 Megatron Final Render

MP 36 Megatron Closeup

MP-36 Megatron Final GLrender

KFC Toys Simba Stop Motion by Harris Loureiro

Transformers Stop Motion – KFC TOYS SIMBA (Victory Leo) – Simba or a.k.a Victory Leo from KFC TOYS. Comparable and combined well with Masterpiece Star Saber to form Victory Saber!. Quite heavy and a pretty good solid…
Too Awesome 👏🏻



MP-36 Megatron -Chest Transformation

MP36 Megatron Back

MP36 Megatron – Arms

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