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DMH Finishes Sixshot

sixshot is finished! Prints available here

DMH Defensor Released

Defending Our Myths And Heroes releases their latest finished available piece with 2 options of Defensor. Available here



Skullface at Baltimore Comic Con This Weekend

if you’re in the Baltimore Maryland, DC, Virginia area this weekend stop by table A-90 and visit the DMH table hosted by non other than Tf-Prototypes own Bobby Skullface for tons of transformers and shattered cast merch.

Link to buy tickets can be found here



DMH Unveils Their Latest Piece: Galvatron

Defending Our Myths And Heroes releases their latest piece. Galvatron finished. Prints and merch available here.


DMH Finished Superion Finally!

DMH (Defending Our Myths And Heroes) posted their latest finished piece this morning, Superion! prints available here


DMH Finishes Omega Supreme

imageDMH finishes Omega Supreme. Full gallery and prints available at

DMH releases their Latest Finished Transformer Piece

imageDefending Our Myths And Heroes releases their latest finished piece: “Arcee the Riveter.” All merch can be purchased through private message on their Facebook page at

DMH Decepticon Justice Division

imageDefending our Myths and Heroes (DMH) unveiled this piece in the 4th quarter of 2014. The Decepticon Justice Division. Prints and other merchandise available through their Facebook page. Just search “defending our myths and heroes”

DMH Releases Their Latest Finished Piece (Low Res Shown)

DMH releases their latest finished fan art piece, Megatron. Preorders for prints and other merchandise available here.

UPDATE: This is just an extremely low resolution.




Latest Diaclone

Diaclone and Diaclone Reboot Diabattles V2 found here!

Latest Macross

Latest Macross / Robotech galleries, news, and reviews!

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