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Skullface at Baltimore Comic Con This Weekend

if you’re in the Baltimore Maryland, DC, Virginia area this weekend stop by table A-90 and visit the DMH table hosted by non other than Tf-Prototypes own Bobby Skullface for tons of transformers and shattered cast merch.

Link to buy tickets can be found here



If they could transform – Darren Rawlings

Darren Rawlings, Rawlsy of Deviantart, posted some fanart showing off well known vehicles that he’s turned into transformers.To show off, here are some samples. We’ve got Mach V, Herbie, K.I.T.T., and The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

if_they_could_transform___mach_v_by_rawlsy-d79phey if_they_could_transform___herbie_by_rawlsy-d78tbnq if_they_could_transform___kitt_by_rawlsy-d78x4um if_they_could_transform___mystery_machine_by_rawlsy-d7927n8


Check his page here:



Fan made digibash of MP Cliffjumper

Please take this with a grain of salt. This was posted by weibo user Zeux1s and could just be a digibash. I hope we can get a clarification on this. Still, this would be cool.


This has been debunked and it is fan made digibash. Still quite nice.

620de676gw1eefl9tlfkqj20go0mfdh3 620de676gw1eefl9u8eh9j20go0mfgn6

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