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Cosmo Fleet SP Macross SDF-1 Macross Dekomasu Introduction by Megahouse

“Macross SDF-1 Macross”

The Dekomasu is an introduction!

———– ※ Dekomasu The

“Decoration master” stands for

Was subjected to color in original prototype, it becomes that of the shaped and colored sample in the early stages of development. ———–

※excuse me

Photographic image of initially up was Macross Kyoko type

Gun I had forgotten to rearward movement of

SDF (Super Dimension Fortress) -1 Macross

1982 first series since the broadcast,
hugely popular “Macross” is competing in the Cosmo Fleet Special (CF-SP)!

Macross series first installment to be commemoration of the fortress ship bright hero Ichijo is aboard “SDF-1 Macross”!

Reproduce the deformation of the fortress ship ⇔ Kyoko type in replacement!

Size Length: about 200mm
Product specification painted PVC


StarFortress ship

is a whole body of the fortress-ship form. Possibly

Takatoku Toys version might be since it is finished toy of the TV version Macross ship!

Setting the entire length of the Macross ship is 1210m.

The magnitude of this item is about 20cm
I think when you scale in terms of whether roughly 1/6000 place.

Studio bran example mecha of unique

Details that make me feel a huge sense of that was Mokomoko have worked!

Bridge around like. Amphibious assault ship SLV-111 Daedalus setting total length 488m.

In Daedalus attack

It is a right arm portion of the TV version of Macross ship that would remember the name than the shape of the ship. gimmick tip or open does not have while scale basis sorry.

Attack aircraft carrier CVS-101 Prometheus

Total length 512m

In the past it is better to attack in Prometheus was I thought or not it has a high attack power have pointed tip.

The real feeling of size manner of items “ship kit collection” even side by side with vessels of was a strange feeling of not likely feel (laughs)



In a variation of fortress ship ⇔ Kyoko type

It will replace a body part Innovation round!


StarKyoko type

※ I’m sorry

and up the Macross Kyoko type of image

Gun I had forgotten to rearward movement of

TV Macross Kyoko type!

Here, since the recent three-dimensional object was often the theater version

Dark blue color and Daedalus and Prometheus will feel fresh in reverse.


The replacement of the body as described above.

The arms, the legs are connected,

Install the joint hidden cover to shoulder top

Macross Cannon tip and 90-degree rotation

It will feel that.

In the same way as the fortress-ship form
exhibition it is possible in a state in which you are floating and connected to the base!

Head is up around. Moveable.

There also be moved to the position at the fortress-ship state

The movable range of the elbow joint is pretty spread.
(This time, although we have put elbow Daidaroisu It was Dekomasu state)

Daedalus attack attack pose is also of course possible!

And since it is floating in the air in the pedestal

Enjoy the action of gravity-free state!

Macross Cannon firing form reproduced in the mobile!

※ position of the gun is more rear

leg at the base
deployment of the left and right, before and after moving,

You can right and left movable ankle (even open the legs to ground ankle)

Macross is added to the series that has been released Gundam and Yamato ship!

It spreads further various vessels dream of contest is likely to enjoy a delusion in that work increases!

Original untranslated article can be found  by clicking here.

Hi-Metal R VF-1S Strike Valkyrie (Roy Fokker Special) [With soul Nation 2015 Commemorative soul STAGE]


“TAMASHII NATION 2015” event report
“robot frontier” Macross Hen!

The “HI-METAL R VF-1S Strike Valkyrie (Roy Fokker Special)[With soul Nation 2015 Commemorative soul STAGE] deadline of “today!
November 4, 2015 (water) is 23:00. Here also purchased overlooked No longer!
tamashiiwebshouten / a0011 /B0058 / Item-1000100289 /
※ normal version of the orders will start from November 5 (Thursday).

Robotech Episode 06 [Full Episode]

Robotech Episode 05 [Full Episode]

Voodoo Robots Courage Potion TFCon Black Version (Diaclone Homage)

I have always stood by my MP HasTak Transformers but had an ever growing love for 3P (3rd Party) and it would be hard to deny how amazingly detailed this has shaped up to be. My MP version may have to sit in a box as this was how my Ironhide looked as a kid, I never owned the red one. This looks to be a company to keep an eye on.

Robotech Episode 04 [Full Episode]

Project Seven Stars Update – Josh Perez and More!


Project Seven Stars has been shrouded by secrecy with few details scattered across social media sites. Josh Perez has since been confirmed and of course we’re sure Alex Milne is not far behind. 

Here is a direct quote and image from Project Seven Stars Facebook page:

Project Seven Starscombiner’s arm components and their alternate modes. These tandem bad boys transform into the Combiner’s arms!

The arm components were difficult to design though, as we wanted a uniform look when they attached on as the ‪#‎combiner‬‘s arms.

Along with all the gimmicks, triple/quad-changer components that make up the combiner—KEY to the combiner’s design was for it to have an overall symmetrical look.

‪#‎joshperez‬ ‪#‎project7stars‬ ‪#‎projectsevenstars‬


The image is from a previous post on their Facebook page showing the combiner’s leg alt mode.

combiners leg alt modes

Robotech Episode 03 [Full Episode]

Meet the Fokker – A Tribute To Roy

Robotech Episode 02 – “Countdown” [720p HD]

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