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Giant Robot Dual Update: Team USA Kickstarter by MegaBots, Inc.

megabots mark2 upgrades concept

Team USA (Megabots) Kickstarter

It seems a lot have changed since we last heard anything on the giant robot dual between USA and Japan, Megabots (Team USA) has started a Kickstarter to help get the needed upgrades to get this bot ready for melee combat. A lot of various contributors that you would not expect. Everyone from Grant Imahara and our own NASA. This is shaping up to be a bigger deal than some expected, others knew. Rather you want to just watch some bots make scrap metal of another or actually support your home team be sure to click below to get the full information straight from their Kickstarter. Better hurry though, things are getting exciting.


Visit Megabots (Team USA) Kickstarter by clicking here!

Diaclone Reboot Complete Collection

Below is a collection of various images and videos collected from several different sources. So let us thank 52TOYS, Action Robo, and DaimChoc Reports for helping share these wonderful findings. Now we are proud to present Diaclone Reboot as shown on Takara Tomy website and at the Wonderfest 2015 summer event.

Diaclones on display.

Diaclone artwork on display.

Diaclone Reboot animation shown by 52TOYS.


Kallamity “The Red Hunter” Armarauders Bellerophon Custom Update

Kallamity recently released this gallery on social media site showing off what has been dubbed “The Red Hunter”  and seems to be a steampunk styled version of Armarauders very own Bellerophon. This includes everything from weathering effects to seagulls, this is truly a masterpiece. This may not even be finished we will have to wait and see.

We will be updating this later tonight. IMages are still rolling in and it is a lot more than what is pictured here. Well done Kallamity! 

Happy 40th Anniversary Takara Microman / Micronauts!

Forty years ago in 1974 Takara released Microman Zone which over the course of the next 10 years paved much of the way for Diaclone and Transformers.

We here at TF-Prototype want to wish Microman / Micronauts a happy 40th anniversary.


Are you guys ready for the return of… DIACLONE!

We do not have that much information on these at this time other than on display at the Tokyo Toy Show 2015 but TF-Prototype will be covering every aspect we can of these. This is where it all began.

Micronauts / Microman Gallery by Bill Bulloch

Micronauts / Microman Gallery

A big thank you to Bill Bulloch for providing us these beautiful images.

Intelligent by Design: Armarauders Bellerophon Present Day

Intelligent by Design

Armarauders: Bellerophon

When I first heard that a review sample was being sent out this way they immediately apologized for the figure already being highly “reviewed” and a bit worn and would also be missing two small thrusters, I assured them that I understood. So I was expecting this rag doll bot almost or something of that nature and it gets here and is making all the “clickety” noises we as collectors always look for, I was delighted. It was better than some 3rd party Transformers stuff out of the box even in it’s so called “current state”. Later on though I did figure out that because this bot was a little loose in a couple areas it was hard to get to posed without the use of the stand on uneven surfaces (as you can see from my Terminator impression in the first few pictures walking off platform). Please also note that these review samples are shipped around the world and each part gets inspected, photographed, filmed, rated, and lord only knows what else many times over. For being a review sample instead of a production sample to start with and then highly “reviewed”/used on top of it this thing is going to be fantastic! Did we mention it is being manufactured in Sentinel’s factories (recently released the Gigantic Action Scorponok) is already more than a win in my book is my first impression.


Cameron “Cam” Knox: Pilot

“Name: Cameron “Cam” Knox
Race: Human
Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 1703131078
Specialty: Bellerophon Mech Pilot—Infantry
Birthplace: International Waters, Earth”

as quoted per online wiki found here.

Let’s examine Cameron first. Roughly a two to three inch tall figure who can move in just about every way you could think of or want and is made very well but just in a much smaller than expected scale. It had almost every movement I could think of then some except ankle or finger movement which I am even afraid to type that it is impossible since they have cleverly broke so many hurdles with this figure. He also has twin cannons that mount together with a tiny grey piece that can stay attached while they are in use to form a backpack. He in turns wears this backpack on his jetpack. Yes, you read that correct he also comes with a jetpack and even pilots the mech wearing his full gear while weapons have their own storage. As you can see below I depicted them being used as shoulder cannons as well (forgive me if either way is wrong as I am still learning a lot about Armarauders, especially the storyline.)

4 12

Armarauders Stand

Also please note that it does include a small clear stand to hold Cameron posed how you would like. This I thought was a nice touch and always a sign of a good piece to me (Takara MP-24 Star Saber, Perfect Effect PE-DX03 Warden to name a few official and 3p).

Bellerophon Docking Station

This thing is amazing, highly detailed, modular designed, adjustable, and above all else functional! Has a slider middle section that slides in and the two upper levels then separate and split to open up for room for the mechs to enter and leave. The two upper levels are also adjustable in height separate from one another. As far as the bot holding bits they are very effective, well designed, and even lock.

9 2725


He comes with two rifles and six ammo clips with storage for all on hips or anywhere else you choose thanks to an interlocking system that seems extremely well thought out. He also come with two ring like weapons with 3 blades that attach to each one slightly larger than the other two in clear green sharp plastic. This of course also include clips to lock these onto Bellerophon almost anywhere you can think of. Bellerophon does have a few hidden tricks up his sleeve as well such as… Shoulder mounted missile pods and even hidden neck launchers all color coded to match their specific set. Huge dual cannons on each shoulder we cannot forget those.  They really did arm this thing to the teeth I am not even going to bring up the shields, the armor, thrusters, extra clear helmets, just so much to this guy we will leave them out and stick to basic weapon coverage just know almost every piece that you see sticking off him externally can probably be reconfigured in some manner.

We seen someone recently asking about 5mm ports on Bellerophon and I did not realize they were even on him until it was time to package him up but they do exist and only one set, these are located on his back sides where the main thrusters usually attach.


Now time for the bot, bring on Bellerophon!

We shall be brief and keep in mind a lot was skipped. Has several diecast parts, highly detailed with the finest paint apps, high quality materials, designed and worked on by so much talent this is one piece that will one sought out by higher end collectors for sure everywhere. Bottom line, do I feel you get your monies worth on this one? Yes, very few products except a couple such as Warden or MP-24 Star Saber I feel you got your monies worth then some in these occasions. It has more than enough stuff with it ranging from comic books to docks, and stands, and we cannot forget the fact that it is extremely articulated. More surface area, higher the part count, the design from start to finish this has been Grade A all the way.  A special thanks to Don Figueroa and Valent Wang for this wonderful creation and anyone else involved, soundtrack, prototype on down… Thank you! We here at TF-Prototype support and will continue to follow all that we can, so stay tuned Transformers fans as it is going to be one hell of a ride.

Interesting side note: Photography studio has been upgraded because of Bellerophon and dock size, I realized the limitations of what I was working with so forgive what you can and enjoy the rest. It was a joy to work with very tedious at times though with so many options, but the Devil is in the details.

Suggested US Retail Price: $200 – $250

Full Gallery

Be sure to catch up on the full Armarauders back story here, or feel free to click here and catch up on Bellerophon’s past and see just some of the talent went into this Mech and project.

By the way for the Transformers fans waiting for a reason to pull the trigger, this is for you…

Meet Pegasus!

Jetpack / Drone / Sentry

This will attach to Bellerophon’s back as shown in the picture but wait, what is that? It is not Bellerophon! Stay tuned for more coverage!

Arm Pegasus

Soul of Chogokin GX-34R Gunbuster!

The latest Soul Of Chogokin figure from Bandai’s Tamashii Nations is GX-34R Gunbuster!  These product images are stunning!  Gunbuster is a classic among all fans!  SOC figures are heavily allocated so make sure to get your pre-order in!

Square Enix Star Wars Figurine Gallery & Info As Posted On BensCollectables

Star Wars Figurines

by Square Enix

Hi guys it is Tec from TF-Prototype here again but with some not so mechanized news, this time we present quite a different take than what we are used to (but not a bad way) on Star Wars. It is honestly a very interesting concept to say the least and sheds a new light onto an old tale that almost modernizes what we are used to but modernized is not strong enough of a word and one escapes me. It is just a really creative look at what we all know. With the new movies slowly building hype these will surely be a hit no matter what we really think… but I love them! All Star Wars fans (even original design only guys or “purists” as I refer to them) will have to appreciate the nod to the original character design that is built into each one. Truly amazing details and sculpts will knock these home is my prediction but only time will tell. What do you guys think? Is this something Ben should get his hands on for us to review?




Play Arts


12,960 yen or US$109 roughly



CP - Captured Prey Logo

Click Here to visit their site!

Diaclone 35th Anniversary Artwork by Nakamura Gokokorozashi

Diaclone 35th Anniversary Artwork

by Nakamura Gokokorozashi

This is what was posted via Twitter and made to acknowledge that while it may be Takara Tomy / Hasbro Transformers 30th anniversary it is Diaclone’s 35th anniversary as well. Below is a rough translation provided by Google of course.

“Although it is Transformers domestic deployment 30th anniversary this summer, I its foundation serving Diaclone also a 35th anniversary this year. I drew in flavor such.”

Original post can be found here.

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