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Project Seven Stars Update – Josh Perez and More!


Project Seven Stars has been shrouded by secrecy with few details scattered across social media sites. Josh Perez has since been confirmed and of course we’re sure Alex Milne is not far behind. 

Here is a direct quote and image from Project Seven Stars Facebook page:

Project Seven Starscombiner’s arm components and their alternate modes. These tandem bad boys transform into the Combiner’s arms!

The arm components were difficult to design though, as we wanted a uniform look when they attached on as the ‪#‎combiner‬‘s arms.

Along with all the gimmicks, triple/quad-changer components that make up the combiner—KEY to the combiner’s design was for it to have an overall symmetrical look.

‪#‎joshperez‬ ‪#‎project7stars‬ ‪#‎projectsevenstars‬


The image is from a previous post on their Facebook page showing the combiner’s leg alt mode.

combiners leg alt modes

Project Seven Stars & Leader Component

Project Seven Stars seems to be Mecha Workshop‘s secret weapon in the combiner war world. This is not something we have seen anything of or have much information on that is not public but based on what I have seen first hand from their work on Armarauders I already cannot wait to see more of this.

What few images that are released of the completed combiner. (Notice the letters along side of these as they hint as to all is involved. Some spoilers at very bottom.)

Leader Component.


Alex Milne (unconfirmed) – Brandon Easton (unconfirmed) – That’s enough for now. 🙂

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