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R27 Calidus Official Video Manual

MAAS Toys – Gold (War Within GoldBug)

Gold (War Within GoldBug)
by MAAS Toys

MAAS Toys – Skiff (War Within BumbleBee)

Skiff (War Within BumbleBee)
by MAAS Toys

Flame Toys – IDW Styled Drift

IDW Styled Drift
by Flame Toys

Fans Hobby MB-06 Power Baser MP Scaled PowerMaster Optimus Prime

Fans Hobby MB-06

This is Fans Hobby’s version of masterpiece scaled PowerMaster Optimus Prime and is scheduled to be out sometime in October. Being a highly anticipated figure by collectors worldwide they have chosen a hard target to tackle this early on. Name has been confirmed to be Power Baser Name is still yet to be confirmed on this one so we will have to stay tuned. With a height of 305mm and confirmed use of metal alloy. This is one we personally cannot wait for, check out the renders below and let us know what you think.

Edit: Reduced backpack in combined mode – confirmed
Edit 2: Name added – confirmed
Edit 3: Cab Swivel & Images added – Confirmed

Cab Swivel Depicted – Early Prototype Images

Reduced Backack Depicted – Early Prototype Images

Fans Hobby MB-05 FlyPro MonsterBot (Includes Bonus Parts) – (Updated)

Fans Hobby MB-05 FlyPro MonsterBot

MB-05 or FlyPro is their 3rd MonsterBot release which will complete the set bringing much joy to the fans. FlyPro of course is a masterpiece scaled Grotusque and is scheduled to be out sometime in July. With a height of 225mm and confirmed use of metal alloy. This release will also include extra faces for all 3 MonsterBots and a set of robot hands for Fei Long. Flame effects will also be a bonus and to seal the deal they included Masterpiece styled collectors cards for all three of the MonsterBots. This release will be the one to complete the set and give them the finishing touches to set Fans Hobby and their MonsterBots apart from the pack. Check out the renders below and let us know what you think.

Since we first wrote our article on MB-05 FlyPro we have since confirmed that this includes extra joints on wings to allow for better pose-ability. Seems Fans Hobby does not do repaints at all – if they have to continue working with the mold they continually improve upon the design as they can as seen in the case of Gun Fighter II, same holds true with FlyPro, This is one company we are keeping a close eye on. Stay tuned!

Extras Included:

1. Fire effect parts for MB-02, MB-03 (set of 2) & MB-05
2. 2 additional faces for MB-02, MB-03 & MB-05
3. A pair of add-on hands for MB-03
4. Character cards for all 3 members

Edit: Just Added – Latest Unpainted Test Shots
Edit 2: Mold Changes – Confirmed

Original Concept CGI Renders

MMC Reformatted R22 Boreas Official Video Manual

MMC Reformatted R23 Dicamus Official Video Manual

MMC Reformatted R17CS Continuum Set Official Video Manual

Ocular Max PS-08 Kojin Crowdfunding

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