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Ark Studio OK-003 Trailer (Legends Class)

Ark Studio’s OK-003

We have no other info at this time but these images were posted on an over seas site. We will post more information as it is provided.

Ark Studio VIP series Names and Head designs

Ark Studio DisguiserZ VIP series. Character names have been revealed as well as the head designs.


We have Specter (Smokescreen), Peacekeeper (Prowl), and Silverstorm (Streak)


vip_disguiserz vip_disguiserz vip_disguiserz

Ark Studio DisguiserZ VIP-01 series digital renders

Ark Studio has just posted some colored digital renders of their upcoming VIP series figures, based on the Datsun triplets. Check them out.


Ark Studio’s DisguiserZ VIP-01 Specter Prototype

Posted on Ark Studio’s weibo page. Here are some prototype pictures of VIP-01 Specter, their upcoming Legends scaled figure to match and scale with the Generations Metroplex figure. It’s showing a lot of promise and has ample articulation for a Legends figure. We’ll keep on watching and we’ll post more updates as soon as we get them. Enjoy the gallery.


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Ark Studio’s DisguiserZ VIP line

Here’s a follow up on the Ark Studion’s VIP Line. . We know that they’ll be basing the recently teased VIP-01 Spook on the MP Smokescreen figure. We don’t know if the actual transformation will also be used. This figure will be legends scale. Shown below is what the size of the alt mode would be. There also seems to be a silhouette for their version of the SideSwipe mold, and a Mini, which might be a Tailgate/Windcharger one.




There have been some pictures posted on Weibo from SpikeArt, teasing of what might come soon for this line. Check them out. Look at the screen on the computer monitor.

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This is the Main Teaser.


Ark Studio DisguiserZ VIP series figures

A new 3rd party group has just recently unveiled their upcoming figures based on the MP Datsun molds. They were shown recently at the KFC Citizen Stack Fan meet up in Shanghai, China.  The VIP-01 Spook will be based on MP Smokescreen. Also VIP stands for “Very Intriguing Piece” from their DisguizerZ line. These will probably be Legends or WST sized figures. We hope to hear more about this.



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