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Fans Toys FT-03 Quakewave Re-Issue to Launch Pre-Orders Next Month!

Our sources comes to use with information about the upcoming reissue of FT-03 Quake wave by Fans Toys. It is rumored that pre-orders will launch next month in Asia and we highly trust these sources but rather plans or other information comes to light between now and then we shall see. Stay tuned fans!


FansToys FT-15 Willy

FansToys recently released these images depicting their nod to Hound they will be calling “Willy”. It is due out around October.

Fans Toys FT-09 Tesla Test Shot Revealed! w/ G1 & Cartoon Comparison (Updated Again)

FT-09 Tesla Test Shots

by Fans Toys

These were released moments ago and all I can say is bring it! These look absolutely perfect so far we cannot wait.


Comparison images just in from FB user Andrea Cheem Stefanelli, thank you!

Fans Toys FT-06 Sever

Fans Toys FT-06 Sever

Originally posted by Dalian on TFW2005

Fans Toys FT-09 Tesla and FT-11 Spotter

FT-09 Tesla

by Fans Toys

FT-11 Spotter

We will continue to add to this gallery as more images are released.


FansToys FT-05 Soar Full Color Reveal

Just the latest news form FansToys as they showed of the colored version of their next IronDibots line. Here comes FT-05 Soar (Swoop).  Check the pics after the jump


Fans Toys FT-06 Iron Dibots Sever Revealed

Fantoys just recently revealed their next figure in their Iron Dibots line of MP Scaled Dinobots. Here’s Sever (Snarl). Here are some pictures of the prototype in both Robot and dino mode. It scales really well with MP-10, and the dino mode even has head articulation. Check out the pictures after the jump.



Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria video review

Here’s the first (US) video review for Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria that has popped up. Video was done by Optibotimus. Check the video after the jump.




Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria – More pics

We just received more pictures of Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria c/o Optibotimus. We have a big dump of pictures. Check them out.


Grabbed Frame 395 Grabbed Frame 396 Grabbed Frame 397 Grabbed Frame 398 Grabbed Frame 399 Grabbed Frame 400 Grabbed Frame 401 Grabbed Frame 402 Grabbed Frame 403 Grabbed Frame 404 Grabbed Frame 406 Grabbed Frame 407 Grabbed Frame 408 Grabbed Frame 409 Grabbed Frame 410 Grabbed Frame 411 Grabbed Frame 412 Grabbed Frame 413

Pics of FansToys FT-04 Scoria advance copy

Reviewer optibotimus has posted some pics of FansToys FT-04 Scoria. Here are the pics. Enjoy.


Grabbed Frame 389 Grabbed Frame 390 Grabbed Frame 393 Grabbed Frame 394

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