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KFC Toys Simba Stop Motion by Harris Loureiro

Transformers Stop Motion – KFC TOYS SIMBA (Victory Leo) – Simba or a.k.a Victory Leo from KFC TOYS. Comparable and combined well with Masterpiece Star Saber to form Victory Saber!. Quite heavy and a pretty good solid…
Too Awesome 👏🏻



MP Ultra Magnus Ultra Mod – KFC hands X2toys add on, Ocean sticker sets!

Check out Oscar Fung’s most recent work upgrading his MP Ultra Magnus. This thing is sharp! Many thanks as always to Oscar!

KFC Toys E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 4B

KFC Toys E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 4B

Doubledeck, CST-09M Mandy and CST-10 Stinger.

Finally starting to get to some of the better possible repaints I know a lot of collectors will be after these for sure.

KFC Reflectron (Not Reflector) Shaping Up!

Reflectron (Not Reflector)

by KFC

KFC looks to want to knock this one out of the park with all these features and that lens transformation just looks crazy. This will be one to keep an eye on. We will keep you posted as we get updates.


Gallery for KFCToys E.A.V.I. Phase 4 Transistor

Here’s a lot more pictures of the KFCToys E.A.V.I. Transistor, showing front and back, as well as parts of the transformations and how to switch heads. Enjoy the Gallery!


KFCToys E.A.V.I. Phase 4 Transistor

Check out the packaging for the KFCToys E.A.V.I. Phase 4 Transistor. Their MP Scaled version of Blaster. Metallic colors to match the Takara Soundwave figure. Check out the gallery below.


KFC E.A.V.I Transistor

Here’s comes another figure in KFC’s E.A.V.I. line. aptly named Transistor. An MP scaled homage to Autobot Blaster. It will come out by end of August 2014, and will fit the KFC cassettes. Check out the pics after the jump.


KFC is also getting rebranded as Toys Xpress.


KFC’s D.A.I. Commander Stack Official Photos

Check out the official photos of KFC’s D.A.I. Commander Stack (Diaclone Colors). Pair this up with the SXS A-05 Head upgrade and this will be golden! Check out the pics after the jump.


KFC E.A.V.I. Phase 2 Sencho Barbossa

We’ve just received some new pictures from KFC, on their E.A.V.I. Phase 3 figure, Sencho Barbossa. It’s a homage to Captain Shark of the Brave series. Enjoy the gallery.


Keiths Fantasy Club CT-02 Tempest

Here’s KFC’s latest offering. Their version of Cyclonus with Nightstick, Voyager scaled Tempest. Take a gander at the gallery after the jump.


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