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[Instructional Video] MakeToys RE:Master MTRM-06 Contact Shot

[Instructional Video] MakeToys RE:Master MTRM-09 Downbeat

[Instructional Video] MakeToys Cross Dimension MTCD-02 Rioter Despotron

[Instructional Video] MakeToys RE:Master MTRM-08 Despotron

[Instructional Video] MakeToys Cross Dimension MTCD-01 Striker Manus

Striker Manus Toy Video

[Instructional Video] MAKETOYS MTCombiner Series MTCM-04C Vulcan

MakeToys Vulcan Combine! Guardia Revealed.

CrossDimension Series Striker Manus trailer

MakeToys Pandinus Scorpion Mode to Robot Mode

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