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STGCC – 1st day! Part 2.

Part 2:

Well, there were a lot of pictures so we had to split the posts. Here’s the continuation of STGCC 2014’s 1st day. Enjoy!


From Nyto Gawn



From Clement Soh Photography




STGCC – 1st day! Part 1.

Part 1:

The first day of the Singapore Toy, Games, and Comic Convention has wrapped up and we were able to get some pics from different sources and collated them for you to view. First off, we’d like to thank The Falcon’s Hanger, Ariel Lemon, Nyto Gawn, Clement Soh Photograhy, Mastermind Creations, and many others. Sorry if we missed you. There have been lots of stuff on display at the Convention. Most notably are the 3rd Party groups – Fansproject, Mastermind Creations, Maketoys. and Mech iDeas. Some of the Takara Masterpiece figures were also present.


The Convention and The Falcon’s Hanger exclusive was MMC’s R-08D Azalea Stealth Assassin. It seems to be based on the G1 Character Night Bird. Although not exactly the same, it does homage it nicely (in our opinion). We’ve read that TFH has ran out of their in-hand stock on the first day. We do hope that they have more of it for the influx of fans for the second day, as well as possibly some stock for those fans overseas. There was also a post that clarifies that R-08D is not going to be a mass production figure, nor somehow be sold by other stores. At least, that’s how we read it.


We look forward to sharing and collating more pictures for you as the second day of STGCC comes around.


So now, here are the pictures. Enjoy!

From The Falcon’s Hangar:



From Ariel Lemon


From MMC

Mech iDeas DC-03P Piston Final Images

Here are the final/production images for Mech iDeas’ DC-03P Piston (Crankcase). Enjoy!


Renderform & Mech iDeas DC-03 War Gauntlet Limited Edition

Renderform and Mech iDeas has teamed up to do an exclusive release of DC-03 War Gauntlet, which will only be available at BotCon 2014. It’s a dirtied up/ war torn painted version of Gauntlet and is priced at $60 each. So, if you’re going to be there, make sure to stop by their booth!




Mech iDeas update

We  just recently received some colored images of Mech iDeas’ Techno Toon Titans Bluster & Trench, as well as Gauntlet and Piston, via weibo. We hope to see more pictures soon.



Mech iDeas Techo Toon Titans Bluster & Trench up for pre-order

If you’re into TF Animated, then you’re in for a treat. The upcoming Techno Toon Titans Bluster & Trench from Mech iDeas are now up for pre-order over at PlanetSteelExpress. Check them out.


Mech iDeas Techno Toon Titans Bluster and Trench

Planet Steel Express has just put the the pre-order for the Mech iDeas 2-pack of Bluster and Trench. This looks to be a store exclusive. So, if you want a set, head over to their store.