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Voodoo Robots Courage Potion TFCon Black Version (Diaclone Homage)

I have always stood by my MP HasTak Transformers but had an ever growing love for 3P (3rd Party) and it would be hard to deny how amazingly detailed this has shaped up to be. My MP version may have to sit in a box as this was how my Ironhide looked as a kid, I never owned the red one. This looks to be a company to keep an eye on.

Voodoo Robots – Salus Complete Gallery

Voodoo Robots!

These images were just released this morning showing off Voodoo Robots latest creation. Suggested USD pricing looked to be right around $100.  Big thank you to goes out to Oscar Fung for reporting this!

(Please note that we have added to this and it now a complete gallery.)

Robot Mode

Alt Mode

Sizing Comparison