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X-Transbots: Arkose

X-Transbots: Boost and Hatch

X Transbots: Andras (Test Shot) First Look

Harris Loureiro Films: X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon Stop Motion Animation!

X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon Stop Motion Animation

by Harris Loureiro Films

The mastermind has returned form his lab and present us these new offerings! Check it out though seriously this is some awesome stop motion animation done by none other than Harris Loureiro himself. Sit back and enjoy, thank you Harris Loureiro Films as well.


X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon Video Short by TCracker

X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon Video Short

by TCracker

We just got our hands on this and wanted to get it out to you as fast as possible with everyone asking so much about him. Big thank you to TCracker for making this and only updates I can give at this time are that Toy Dojo will have a reveiw up shortly and Ben over at is trying to get his rushed through customs now.

Now everyone sit back and enjoy our other brief glimpse at X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon (not Megatron).

TFP Exclusive from Harris Loureiro Films: Apollyon Tests!

Apollyon Tests: STURDY!

by Harris Loureiro Films

Check this out! Apollyon is far more sturdy than we expected from this behemoth!

X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon Updated Images

X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon

Source – Facebook User: D. Bellido.

And a big thank you to this man right here!


X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon Video Test Shot!

MX-1 Apollyon Video Test Shot


X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon (Massive Gallery)

MX-1 Apollyon

by X-Transbots

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