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Titan Wars Fortress Maximus (Fort Max) Revealed

This is currently circling various social sites around the world and being a Fort Max fan I myself cannot wait.


Hasbro Pulse NYCC Teaser (Blaster? & Headmasters)

Below is an excerpt from Hasbro Pulse ( and shows a teaser of what looks to be Titan Wars Blaster teased earlier this year. Article source can be found here.

“The Autobots and Decepticons bring their conflict to New York Comic Con and the clear winner in this war is the fans. With many robots set to be revealed, it’s hard to pick a favorite – so the Hasbro Pulse decided to show you several at one time. Who do you see in the shadowy image below?


Get a CLEAR look at these Cybertronians and more at New York Comic Con!”

Transformers Deutschland Produktdemo-Video “RID Super Bumblebee”

Transformers Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime in Battle

Transformers Australia | Combiner Wars

Transformers América Latina Comercial de TV “Combiner Wars”

Transformers América Latina Comercial de TV “Robots In Disguise -Optimus Prime MiniCons”

Transformers América Latina Comercial de TV “Robots In Disguise & APP”

Transformers Australia | Super Bumblebee

Transformers US | Game Play All

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