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Combiner Wars Scrapper Review by Kelvin Chan

Kelvin Chan recently posted his thoughts on the new Titan Class limb Scrapper and it was so detailed we have to share here! Once again well done Kelvin Chan!

Toy Review: Combiner Wars SCRAPPER

[Vehicle Mode]
L:16.5cm W:8.5cm H:7cm
True to his G1 counterpart, CW Scrapper transforms into a predominantly lime green payloader. The vehicle is almost completely lime green with just some purple breaking it up in the middle, on the windows, as well as a Decepticon insignia tampographed on the roof of the driver’s cabin. The wheels are all black with no painted hubcaps, which seems to be standard fare for Hasbro these days. The scoop can swing up and down and also has joints in the middle of the arms. That’s right, the scoop arms have elbows!

* Swing arms out and push shoulders back
* Flip fists out
* Swing down underside panels beneath rear section of vehicle to reveal robot shins
* Flip down feet
* Swing rear section down to complete robot legs. Separate legs.
* Pull up robot head until it locks into position
* Swing back scoop and bend at ‘elbows’ until the scoop rests on back

[Robot mode]
H: 18cm up to top of scoop, 17cm to top of head W: 10cm D: 8cm
Points of articulation: 15
Like other CW Constructicons, Scrapper is an excellent representation of his G1 cartoon model, with some details from the G1 toy thrown in for additional detailing. Now let’s address the main point of contention here – the elbows. This toy actually does have elbow articulation, which allow the forearms to rotate. Looking at this photo of Unite Warriors Scrapper, it appears that TakaraTOMY have replaced the rotating elbow joint with a swivel joint, similar to that used on Scavenger and Hook. I can completely understand why the swivel joint would be preferable over the rotating joint, but I just want to clarify that the Hasbro version doesn’t have less articulation, it just has different articulation on the elbow. I’ll put it this way — I’d rather have this than having elbows with fists aligned 90 degrees outwards that makes the elbow movement look weird (unless they’re doing bicep curls), and thus impractical (I’m looking at you, Age of Extinction Strafe, Slash, Slog etc.!)

Okay, the elbows aren’t the greatest, given that the arms do form load bearing heel spurs on Devastator, I can overlook it (I’m curious to see if/how the TakaraTOMY version will overcome this issue). Scrapper is still a really nice and solid Voyager class figure that’s still pretty good value at a Deluxe price point. It’s still a lot better value for money than say AoE Slog or Galvatron. Recommended.

Transformers Combiner Wars Constructicons/Devastator (Part 2)

Some clean and crisp comparison shots of Combiner Wars Constructicons Vs their G1 counterparts from U.NEM Studios.

You’ll see that the Combiner Wars figures stay relatively true to their predecessors and spot some really cartoon accurate headsculpts.



Transformers Combiner Wars Constructicons/Devastator (Part 1)

U.NEM Studios managed to get hold of a Combiner Wars Devastator set (courtesy of Planet Iacon), and brings us a MASSIVE gallery of the green bots, the boxart, the instruction sheet and even some group shots with a couple of Masterpieces for size comparison.

Part 2 is coming up soon. Stay tuned!



Combiner Wars Official Image Gallery

Yesterday during BotCon 2015 several future figure announcements were made and among them were some expected bots and some surprises.

Combiner: Sky Reign (Looks to be a Leokaiser homage)

Wheeljack Deluxe Class

Hound Deluxe Class

Ironhide Deluxe Class

Trailbreaker Deluxe Class

Sky Lynx Voyager Class

Combiner Sky Reign

Combiner 6th Member

Wreck-Gar Legends Class

And among them…


Blast Off Deluxe Class

Brawl Deluxe Class

Swindle Deluxe Class

Vortex Deluxe Class

Onslaught Voyager Class

Combiner Bruticus

Combaticon 6th Member

Shockwave Legends Class (Shockwave can become a Gun for Bruticus or a Jetpack)

Combiner: Optimus Maximus

Mirage Deluxe Class

Prowl Deluxe Class

Smokescreen Deluxe Class

Sunstreaker Deluxe Class

Optimus Prime Voyager Class

Combiner Optimus Maximus

No Official Image Yet (Substitute by Eric Peterson)

Combiner 6th Member

Rodimus Legends Class

Other Combiner Wars (Buzzsaw, Chop Shop, Skywarp (Legends), Seekers (Leader))


Hasbro Masterpiece Sideswipe Instructional Manual Progress

Kelvin Chan‎ recently posted in social media groups current progress of Hasbro Masterpiece Sideswipe instructional manual. Below are the images and info included. 
“Almost finished translating MP Sideswipe’s instructions for Hasbro. By the way, this is what my desk looks like when I’m translating.” – Kelvin Chan

SDCC Combiner Wars Titan Class Devestator & Bonus Size Comparison Images

SDCC Combiner Wars Titan Class Devestator

by Takara / Hasbro

Images have been recently circling social media sites showing off SDCC Combiner Wars Devestator.

Below are images found posted on Weibo by user 强尼Lau (which we would like to thank for sharing).

Transformer Designer Desk Interviews! Superion, Menasor, and More!

Transformers Designer Desk Interviews

by Hasbro



Stop Motion BumbleBee

(They should of hired Harris!)



(Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $44.99/Available: Spring 2015)

Courage is Stronger When Combined! The TRANSFORMERS Generations Leader class figures include the most powerful and legendary characters rendered in incredible detail and with impressive conversions. Each large, feature-packed LEADER scale action figure is based on a classic TRANSFORMERS character, like ULTRA MAGNUS, and features a firing projectile, massive weaponry and working vehicle features. Figure converts in 15 or more steps. Each figure is sold separately and includes a Collector Card.

Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS line of action figures features characters and expressions from throughout the more than 30 years of the Transformers brand. In 2015 the GENERATIONS line unites under one big story – COMBINER WARS!

Courage is Stronger Combined! In the COMBINER WARS, giant super robots, formed by teams of AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS, battle for the fate of the universe. The evil DECEPTICON STARSCREAM plans to use these giant robots as weapons to lay waste to entire planets, conquering worlds with the might of the powerful but unstable DECEPTICON Combiner: MENASOR. The AUTOBOTS rally their own Combiners to stop them. With the freedom of the universe pushed to the brink, OPTIMUS PRIME must master the power of Combination to defeat the DECEPTICONS!

Fans of all ages can play out this story with key action figure scales with in the line. DELUXE, VOYAGER, and select LEGENDS scale figures can be combined together to create larger scale Combiner robot figures!

magnus2 magnus

New York Toy Fair 2015 – Legends Class Warpath and Viper

We’ve seen the tease for Warpath. He’s decent, and is a retool from the G2 Megatron with Chopshop set. On the other hand, Viper is a retool from Combiner Wars Powerglide. They seem to have some inspiration from the Cobra Rattlers. It also looks a lot like the Cobra Viper Troopers. Well, enjoy the pictures!


Warpath Warpath


Viper Viper


Viper Viper

New York Toy Fair 2015 – Combiner Wars Cyclonus

This one is quite a surprise. Combiner Wars Voyager Cyclonus is supposed to be a retool of Silverbolt. They’ve been able to capture both the Robot and Alt mode looks. We look forward to the combined mode. We are trying to get confirmation about the combiner name. It’s either Maelstrom or Galvatronus. Maybe we’ll see some of the other Aerialbots retooled to become the Sweeps.



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