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New York Toy Fair 2015 – Leader Class UltraMagnus and Minimus Ambus

We were blown away with the reveal for the Leader Class UltraMagnus. Not only is it in the IDW stylings, but it also include his mini me, Legends class Minimus Ambus, that turns into a car. Check out the official pictures from Hasbro.



New York Toy Fair 2015 – Combiner Wars Defensor / Protectobots.

Hasbro’s official photos for the Combiner Wars Protectobots Team / Defensor. We are so excited to see this set. More pictures to come. Composed of Voyager Class Hotspot, Deluxe Class Streewise, Blades, First Aid, and Rook, and a Legends Class Groove.

Petition for Hasbro, IDW To Make Animated Film

Petition for Hasbro, IDW To Make Animated Film


Below is information quoted from actual Petition. We encourage you if this type of thing interests you to sign they only need a few hundred more to achieve their goal. Thank you.

“The IDW comic and specifically the More Than Meets The Eye series has an extremely large fan group that grows every day. Though the comics are fantastic I’ve always wanted more, myself and a large group of fans want something other than the Micheal Bay movies, something written by geniuses such as James Roberts that embodies the heart that’s put into every single issue. The fan base is a very tight nit community, I’ve gotten the opportunity to befriend people from across the globe, and not only would this be an incredible gift to the fans but it would show what potential the franchise has when produced with heart.”

Petition started by Jackson Empey.

To sign please click here.


Hasbro Invites Transformers Fans To Create Massive TF for Combiner Wars

Hasbro Invites Transformers Fans To Create Massive TF for Combiner Wars


This news comes to us via Ben’s World of Transformers and a link can be found below.
Pawtucket, R.I. (January 15, 2015) —TRANSFOMERS fans around the world are invited to help create a new character for the popular TRANSFORMERS brand — but not just any character. Following on the heels of the 30th anniversary “Fan Built Bot” poll, which led to the fan-assisted creation of the popular new AUTOBOT character, WINDBLADE, Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is launching the new “Fan Built Combiner” poll. This crowdsourcing project seeks fan input to create a new team of TRANSFORMERS robots that combine into one giant new character in celebration of the theme of the 2015 TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS line, COMBINER WARS!

Starting soon, with exact dates to be announced, the official TRANSFORMERS brand app (formerly the official TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION app) will be updated and fans will be able to log-in and answer a round of questions to help shape the identity of the new Combiner characters. The Fan Built Combiner poll will allow fans to determine everything from the types of vehicles involved, to whether the characters will be AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS, and eventually the name of the new character.

Voting for each round will be open for one week, after which the results will be announced and a new round of voting will begin the following week, with three rounds of questions in all. A full reveal of the new Fan Built Combiner is expected later this year, with the character available as a toy in 2016.

“The first ‘Fan Built Bot’ effort was massive, resulting in the creation of WINDBLADE who has her own widely popular comic series from IDW Publishing and toy product,” said Tom Warner, senior vice president of the TRANSFORMERS franchise at Hasbro. “With the TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS line celebrating the venerable COMBINER characters from throughout TRANSFORMERS history this year, this is the perfect time to let fans help create something even bigger than a new TRANSFORMERS character — a Combiner team that will become part of TRANSFORMERS lore.”

The new “Fan Built Combiner” character will be part of the TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS toy line. Like all the toys in the line, which debut in stores this month, the new Combiner figure will be able to mix-and-match limbs with other figures in the line so kids and fans can create their own custom TRANSFORMERS COMBINERS figures.

To participate in the vote, fans will need to download the free official TRANSFORMERS brand app on iOS [] and Android []. Starting with the Fan Built Combiner update, launching soon, the refreshed app will become the premiere destination for TRANSFORMERS fans and will feature first-look and behind-the-scenes images and information on new TRANSFORMERS: GENERATIONS toys. Additional information will be available at TRANSFORMERS.COM as well as the official TRANSFORMERS Facebook page at


Original source can be found here.

Transformers Universe Open Beta!

TF-Prototype was invited to Jagex’s closed beta program to test out Transformers Universe. Online web play we seemed to lag with but the newly released client played great. Some technical issues were experienced such as client bugging out and you could log back in due to still being logged in… Lol. This was an easy fix just by logging into the web site and choosing to play on site rather than in client to correct issue.


To celebrate out July 4th weekend Jagex is opening the beta program to everyone. There will be double experience granted all week and contests with prizes worth over $75,000. With all this in mind, we figured we would help give you a fighting chance…

Autobot / Basic Walkthrough: When you first start off (based on closed beta and  this may change by morning) you will go through a  simple tutorial to help you get familiar with controls and get you to the Autobot headquarters. Fight your way there and pay close attention to instructions given. Once inside you will have enough Relics to purchase another recruit (Spoiler: They will give you a 3rd as a gift) and this will complete your starting lineup. A demolisher, a soldier, and a medic. They have many more classes than just these as well but to get you in the field and killing some Decepticons we will start with Monsoon the Soldier.


First thing you should know is you have shields and spark. Both refill over time and spark can basically be considered physical damage.

You will have three weapons and use keys 1-3 to switch. Weapon 1 you use simple by right clicking (to lock on to target) and left clicking to fire (while holding right click to maintain lock). This will charge up its secondary firing capabilities and every weapon has one and is quite unique. Weapon 1 will make health (HP+) rain down in a circle on you and your allies.
Weapon 2 will be your grenade launcher and when built up will immobilize the enemy letting you or your team move in for the kill. Some times it is best to have this charged and wait to use in case an enemy tries to run, Monsoon is not the fastest bot on his feet.
Weapon 3 is a spark thirsty melee based Ax with a powerful secondary. Use this when enemy shields are depleted.

Now that you know all this you are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield but to be truly successful you must master you items as well. You will use keys 4-6 to activate items or actives on your bots and cons. Active 4 will increase your damage output and is great for finishing blows to eat through the final signs of any spark. Active 5 is a defense active and will repair you. Active 6 is a speed boost and will help negate the effects of trying to aim the chain gun (weapon 1).
You will also be able to equip mines, an item used for whatever you choose (offense,defense, or even utility) and when your profile hits level 10 you will get your 1st power core slot. Everything is highly customizable and has very addicting gameplay make this one a winner.
Click here to make your account and download the new open beta. (Site is being prepped for this release at time of writing and I expect it to be up within a couple hours).
And also don’t forget to add us in game…. TF-Prototype.


SDCC Exclusive Dinobot set with Ark Diorama

This got us all excited! We will have the TF4:AoE Dinobots in G1 colors and an Autobot Ark Diorama set. These will be available at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC / Comic Con International), and will be held on July 24th through the 27th,  at the San Diego Convention Center.


The set will be available at the Hasbro Booth #3329, or  at the website for $159.99 USD. These will be available in a limited number of stock.



JULY 24-27, 2014

TF4:AoE Target DCPI listings

Here’s the list of DCPI numbers for the TF4:AoE figures that will be available at Target Stores.

  • 087-06-2583 TRANSFORMERS 4 CNSTRCTBOTS WAR $19.99
  • 087-06-2584 TRANSFORMERS 4 CONSTRUCTBOTS R $5.99
  • 087-06-2585 TRANSFORMERS 4 CONSTRUCT-BOTS $9.99
  • 087-06-2586 TRANSFORMERS 4 GENERATIONS DEL $14.99
  • 087-06-2587 TRANSFORMERS 4 GENERATIONS LEA $44.99
  • 087-06-2588 TRANSFORMERS 4 GENERATIONS VOY $24.99
  • 087-06-2589 TRANSFORMERS 4 JOUST SPARKERS $4.99
  • 087-06-2590 TRANSFORMERS MOVIE 4 JOUSTERS $12.99
  • 087-06-2591 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID 12IN TITAN $9.99
  • 087-06-2592 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID FLP & SMASH $19.99
  • 087-06-2593 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID OPTIMUS PRI $32.99
  • 087-06-2594 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID ONE STEP MA $9.99
  • 087-06-2595 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID POWER ATTAC $12.99
  • 087-06-0353 TRANSFORMERS MV4 SLVR OPTIMUS P $19.99
  • 087-06-0354 TRANSFORMERS MV4 12IN OPTIMUS $9.99
  • 087-06-0356 TRANSFORMERS MV4 IVN SLVR OPT $29.99
  • 087-06-0357 TRANSFORMERS CB SLVR OPTIMUS P $14.99

New Transformers Series in 2015

“It has been talked about since the release of Predacons Rising last Fall and now, thanks to The Hub, we have confirmation that a new Transformers animated series will debut in 2015!” – Quoted from source. It seems the Hub network has made some announcements and the complete article from source can be found below. Check it out.

Original article can be found here (Infinite Earths)

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