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TF4:AoE Target DCPI listings

Here’s the list of DCPI numbers for the TF4:AoE figures that will be available at Target Stores.

  • 087-06-2583 TRANSFORMERS 4 CNSTRCTBOTS WAR $19.99
  • 087-06-2584 TRANSFORMERS 4 CONSTRUCTBOTS R $5.99
  • 087-06-2585 TRANSFORMERS 4 CONSTRUCT-BOTS $9.99
  • 087-06-2586 TRANSFORMERS 4 GENERATIONS DEL $14.99
  • 087-06-2587 TRANSFORMERS 4 GENERATIONS LEA $44.99
  • 087-06-2588 TRANSFORMERS 4 GENERATIONS VOY $24.99
  • 087-06-2589 TRANSFORMERS 4 JOUST SPARKERS $4.99
  • 087-06-2590 TRANSFORMERS MOVIE 4 JOUSTERS $12.99
  • 087-06-2591 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID 12IN TITAN $9.99
  • 087-06-2592 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID FLP & SMASH $19.99
  • 087-06-2593 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID OPTIMUS PRI $32.99
  • 087-06-2594 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID ONE STEP MA $9.99
  • 087-06-2595 TRANSFORMERS 4 RID POWER ATTAC $12.99
  • 087-06-0353 TRANSFORMERS MV4 SLVR OPTIMUS P $19.99
  • 087-06-0354 TRANSFORMERS MV4 12IN OPTIMUS $9.99
  • 087-06-0356 TRANSFORMERS MV4 IVN SLVR OPT $29.99
  • 087-06-0357 TRANSFORMERS CB SLVR OPTIMUS P $14.99

Takara Masterpiece MP-13B Soundblaster with Ratbat

Here’s MP-13B Soundblaster with Ratbat. Thanks to Uranus of weibo. Enjoy the pics.


Masterpiece Spike with Exosuit tweet by Shogo Hasui

Shogo Hasui tweeted some details about the upcoming release of Masterpiece Bumblebee. It’ll come with Spike in his Exosuit. While the Exosuit is small, it’s articulated to have some action poses, as well as it can transform to its vehicle mode.



Sneak peak at Masterpiece UltraMagnus and Star Saber

Fresh from the scans of Figure Oh Magazine, here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming Takara Masterpiece figure for UltraMagnus. Also being shown is an article for Star Saber, who’s also in the works of getting an MP release.




Thanks to TagHobby.

Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack in full color

Thanks to TagHobby, here’s a scan from the Figure Oh magazine showing Masterpiece Wheeljack in full color. We hope to see better shots soon.


New Transformers Series in 2015

“It has been talked about since the release of Predacons Rising last Fall and now, thanks to The Hub, we have confirmation that a new Transformers animated series will debut in 2015!” – Quoted from source. It seems the Hub network has made some announcements and the complete article from source can be found below. Check it out.

Original article can be found here (Infinite Earths)

Takara Masterpiece MP-13B Soundblaster and Ratbat

Here we have Takara’s MP-13B Soundblaster and his minion Ratbat. In the Japanese series, Soundblaster was rebuilt from the original Soundblaster after the later died from the battle between him and Autobot Blaster. In the IDW comic books, Soundblaster was a clone made by Shockwave. Anyway, here’s a pic.


EDIT: Here’s the link to the original pic as posted by Takara Designer Shogo Hasui on Twitter.




According to the tweet, it’s getting released today:


“遂に今週末MP-13B サウンドブラスターが発売となります。 漆黒のボディが暗躍する戦士としての魅力をより引き立たせますね。付属のラットバットも、これまでのMPカセットロンの技術を応用し、かなり力を入れて開発しております”

IDW Dawn of the Autobots: Windblade

IDW just posted a cover for Windblade. Check out who’s reflection are being shown in her Optic Sensors.


Windblade #3 Cover by Sarah Stone


Fewture Ultimetal Series UM-03 Transformers Megatron

From the C3 Festival in Hong Kong, Fewture has shown off a prototype for their Ultimetal Series – UM-03 Megatron. The first version, which is UM-01 Optimus Prime was a non-transforming figure, but has lots of articulation and gimmicks. We are expecting to also have a high price tag. Enjoy the pics after the break.


1524703_10202966848719845_2089804594_n 1378209_594001510685589_629534127_n

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